New One Health podcast

One Health is an approach that continues to gain attention among authorities, professionals, and the public worldwide.

This momentum has been driven this year by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the monkeypox outbreak, among other diseases of interest in animal health, such as avian flu.

Additionally, it has promoted the launch of initiatives that seek to spread the concept that human health is related to the health of animals, plants and the environment and the work of professionals who are linked to some of these areas.

An example of this is the launch of the One Health Wednesdays podcast. This initiative is a collaboration between Labopp Global and One Life Epi Solutions that aims to promote the principles of One Health and encourage professional development.

Dr. Krista Howden, and Deborah Sateler, science advisors at One Health Scientific Solutions, were invited to the podcast to share their experiences and journey in the One Health field.

Listen to these interesting interviews in the links!